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Make your wife, friend, girlfriend or yourself happy!

The person who invented the sentence ‘Diamonds are girls best friends’ has never eaten a good chocolate cake. Below is a great and very simple recipe that you can use to make your wife, friend, girlfriend or yourself happy! enjoy!


  • 86 grams butter
  • 220 grams sugar
  • 62 grams cocoa powder
  • 4 eggs (200 grams)

Other stuff you’ll need:

  • an oven
  • bowl for mixing everything
  • bowl for whisking eggs
  • 4 bowl to measure the ingredients in
  • a whisk
  • a bowl scraper or spatula
  • an oven pan
  • a sheet of parchment paper
  • a sieve to sieve out the cocoa powder
  • a plate or board to present your cake on

How to make this chocolate cake step by step: 

  1. turn on the oven at 170 degrees Celcius
  2. scale out and put your ingredients in the bowls to measure the ingredients in
  3. grab a bowl for mixing everything
  4. put the butter and the sugar in the bowl and mix until everything is smooth
  5. grab a bowl for whisking eggs and a whisk
  6. crack your eggs in the bowl
  7. whisk your eggs until there is a lot of air in them
  8. throw the airy eggs in the bowl with the butter and sugar
  9. mix everything together
  10. grab a sieve and sieve the cocoa powder over the butter-sugar-eggs
  11. mix all of this together until everything is smooth
  12. grab your oven pan and put in some parchment paper. make sure it straightens the pan
  13. throw the whole mix into the oven-pan with the parchment paper
  14. even the top out until it is a flat surface
  15. put the oven-pan in the oven
  16. wait 10-15 minutes. check every 5 minutes if the top is not burning
  17. take the oven-pan with the baked cake out of the oven
  18. take the cake out the oven-pan by grabbing it by the parchment paper
  19. invert the cake onto a plate and take off the parchment paper
  20. make somebody happy with your freshly-baked chocolate cake