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While traveling between New York City and the Netherlands, Pastry Chef ChocoTed and Jazz singer Vivienne Aerts will invite you to a beautiful venue and present amazing new dishes, tickling flavors and swinging music. An event full of Jazz and Chocolate. Submerge yourself in the experience of cool jazz clubs and the hottest restaurants.

“Coming up: Rembrandt 350 Museum tour” – Spring ’19

 Vivienne & Ted will celebrate the passing of Rembrandt – 350 years ago – by creating their ChocoJazz show in the style of Rembrandt. Rembrandt’s time period, The Dutch Golden Age, will be presented in sound, visuals, and flavors. Sounds, instrument,  and ingredients from that time period will be used, but also the pigments of Rembrandt will be used to create a contemporary interpretation of Rembrandt masterpieces. And afterward, everybody gets to eat this old-meets-new artwork…Coming 2019

“Mondrian Special” – Fall ’17

A unique ChocoJazz show in the theme of Mondrian and De Stijl, all about colors and elements: red, yellow, blue, and black & white. With every edible canvas, Vivienne and Ted will explain through diverse other painters what they have in common with Mondrian and De Stijl. Vocal jazz and a string ensemble compliment the sweet interpretations of the master’s paintings.

“20 Course Dessert Tasting Menu” – Spring ’18

A night to indulge in: The twenty-course dessert menu stands out from every other dessert experience you have ever tasted. A showcase of conceptual bites that combine classic desserts, haute cuisine dessert techniques, and desserts that are made with techniques from a savory kitchen. Inspired by John Coltrane, the menu feels overwhelming as much as it has a natural flow…In ten staggering ‘movements’ The courses will pass by, rather an opera than a restaurant.

“ChocoJazz – Canvas XL” – June ’17ChocoJazz Painting MenuNyc Startup weekend 2016

Our fresh and new ChocoJazz event; this time not 10 courses but 4 different edible musical paintings. The whole show is in the theme of four elements; red, yellow, blue and black/white, represented by four old Dutch Masters and what they have in common with ‘de Stijl’ (you know Mondriaan and such). Vocal jazz and a string quartet (yes, violins…) will accompany the interpretations of the masters and the sweetness.

“10 courses 10 songs” – (June ’16 & January ’17)

All culinary one-bites are based on art, emotions, and music and are driven by haute cuisine techniques. Don’t expect only chocolate, but also cake, coffee foam, cardamom gel, infused rosewater, amarena-cherries blanched in port wine, hibiscus crumbles and other explosions in your mouth. And, while Ted is filling the evening with his goodies, Vivienne mixes her original compositions with the electronic inventiveness from Dutch bass player Robin Koerts. Together they are combining jazz, live loops, visuals, and soundbites. The efforts of Robin, who is also known from the video-samples of the Wereld Draait Door (a Dutch tv-show), and Vivienne’s vocal jazz songs (with voice, loops, iPad apps and synthesizer) blend together in this new musical concept. Video fragments like youtube drummers, tennis players, didgeridoos, the Simpsons, and Wally, with their visuals ánd their sounds, are all part of the compositions.

January 2017

June 2016

Menu January 2017

10 courses 10 songs – painters theme

“Vincent Van Gogh”

Caviar of Wormwood, Anise and Fennel & Pernod Absinthe Bavarois

“Karel Appel”

Pure Chocolate foam, Coffee foam & Toasted Hazelnutcrumble

“Gustav Klimt”

‘Speculaas’ Pastry Cream, Golden Pearls & Golden ‘Speculaas’ Cookie

“Claude Monet”

Rosewater, Lemonthyme Flowers & Pansy Flowers

“Piet Mondrian”

White Chocolate, Passionfruitgel, Orange gel & Cardamomgel

“Rembrandt Van Rijn”

Dried Grapes, Rose Hip Powder, 100% pure Chocolate ganache, Walnuts & Port sauce


Amarena Cherry in Portwine and Black Pepper for 3 Months, Chocolate cake & spray of Water infused with Pinetree, Oats, and Charcoal

“Paul Klee”

Lagavulin Whiskey Chocolate ganache rolled in a Chocolate crumble

“Jackson Pollock”

Strawberry and Red Pepperjam, St. Germain Creme au Beurre Pate a Bombe, Chocolate ganache, Hibiscuscrumble

“Anton Pieck”

Gluhweingel, ‘Callebaut Kumabo 80%’ Pure Chocolate & Candied Orange zest

Menu June 2016

10 courses 10 songs – restaurant theme

“That’s a great idea…but first: Champagne!”

Champagnebavarois, Exploding Chocolate & White Grape

“Frutta Prima”

Lemon-Lime-Limoncellobavarois, White Chocolate mousse infused with Mint and Red Pepper

“Garden of Herbs”

Bouquet of Pansy Flower, Lemonthyme, Lemon basil & Chocolate Mint

“The Summerking”

One Strawberry poached in Rose wine and Strawberry syrup

“The Big Apple”

Skewer with Green and Elstar Apple marinated in Elstar Applejuice and Brown Rum & Drops of reduced Maple syrup

“Chips & Beer”

Chips of Figs with Gel of Pronck Tripel Beer & Jam of Roasted, Burned and Smoked Figs

“Vino Rosso”

A gel of Red Wine infused with Basil, Staranise and Oregano & ‘Callebaut Kumabo 81%’ Pure Chocolate & Koppert Cress Basil Cress

“The Dutchman”

Homemade Ricotta presented on one’s fist, Beekeeper Honey, Crumble of Roasted and Burned Hazelnuts & Maldon Seasalt

“Baked Alaska”

White Chocolate mousse with Orange zest, Grand Marnier, and Cardamom, Brulee’d Meringue with Grand Marnier & Candied Orange zest

“One More For The Road”

Ball of Chocolate ganache with Lagavulin 16 Years Old Single Malt Islay Whiskey, rolled in ChocolateCrumble & ‘Callebaut Kumabo 81%’ Pure Chocolate