13th Apr 2017

Make your wife, friend, girlfriend or yourself happy!

The person who invented the sentence ‘Diamonds are girls best friends’ has never eaten a good chocolate cake. Below is a great and very simple recipe that you can use...

02nd May 2016
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Strawberry Balsamico & co #3

Session January 31st 2016 special guest, Tammy Scheffer Choco cookie strawberry balsamico reduction Chococookie • Butter • White sugar • Flour • Bakingpowder • Cocoa powder • Lemon juice Soften...

25th Mar 2016
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Plotner Special’ Champagne Dessert #2

Session January 17th 2016 Special guest, Josh Plotner Recipe for the ‘Plotner Special’ Champagne Dessert White wine mousse 235 gr white wine (viognier, grüner veltiner or Sauvignon Blanc) 35 gr...

25th Feb 2016
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Brooklyn & Salted Caramel #1

Session January 6th 2016 Brooklyn Ted and Viv were talking about the Brooklyn music clubs, over the past five years or so, a constellation of musician-run jazz series and performance...