ChocoJazz – Canvas

Pastry Chef ChocoTed and Jazz singer Vivienne Aerts collaborate to create an experience full of Jazz and Chocolate: ChocoJazz – Canvas. This culinary composition is a perfect synergy between art, food and music.

Ted and Vivienne create in the moment, together as a whole: while Ted is making a ‘pastry-painting’, Vivienne is improvising a soundscape to his movements. Using her voice, loops, ipad apps and a synthesizer she creates a full orchestra by herself, resulting in an ever-changing and newly improvised piece.

The artwork is only temporarily: it’s made to be eaten. Ted gets his inspiration from Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Karel Appel and other abstract expressionistic painters. Don’t expect only chocolate, but also cake, lime and white wine-gel, elderflower cream, poached strawberries, red-fruit rubber, hibiscus crumble and other out of the box flavors and textures.




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